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Since 2001 already, we specialize in the recovery of technical equipment from inventories of the Bundeswehr [German Federal Armed Forces]. A wide spectrum – because for decades, the Bundeswehr not only had specific military equipment, but also any kind of equipment which is used in civil life. Ranging from tank engines, missile testing equipment or training equipment for fighter jet technicians of the 50’s, to commercial vacuum cleaners, typewriters, soccer balls or thermometers – anything may be found. This variety provides virtually unlimited possibilities of further use.

Our customer base thus is correspondingly diverse: Private individuals, such as collectors, ham radio amateurs or fans of military vehicles; artisans and craftsmen; small, medium and large companies; research centers, all the way to even the armed forces of other countries.
Starting in 2007, we have become additionally involved in the recovery of used hunting, sports and collector’s weapons. We buy them predominantly in Germany. Our sales are effected to end users in Germany and in the countries of the European Union, but also to resellers worldwide.

Thanks to this versatility, we have been successful in supplying satisfied customers on all 7 continents during the last 15 years.

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