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Weapons and ammunition


Take a look at offers from our arms market

980,00 EUR*2


SL Jagdmatch Linksschaft

Kaliber: .222 Remington
Zum Angebot
1.600,00 EUR*2

Smith & Wesson

1891 Singleshot 2nd model

Kaliber: .22lr
Zum Angebot
1.600,00 EUR*2

Smith & Wesson

1891 Singleshot 1st model

Kaliber: .22 lr
Zum Angebot
335,00 EUR*2

Leica Rangemaster

Entfernungsmesser 1000 CRF

Zum Angebot

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We are always interested in the acquisition of hunting, sports and collector’s weapons, as well as ammunition and accessories. Whether one-of-a-kind specimens, entire collections, estates, inventories of government bodies, remaining stock or inventories from business liquidations – if you want to sell something, please contact us. Of course, we will handle the required legal formalities for you if necessary.



A broad selection of used weapons is awaiting you. Possible are not only individual orders for private use, but also orders of large stocks for domestic or foreign resellers. Selections and quantities are subject to permanent change. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us.

Sales are effected both on request and on some virtual marketplaces:
Individual orders – weapons requiring licenses:

VDB Marktplatz PROGUN


Free weapons and accessories:



Note: All weapons offered by us are in stock and available at any time.