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Military and industrial surplus

Since 2001 already, we recover technical equipment; mainly from surplus of the German Bundeswehr [Federal Armed Forces], but also from surplus of the British Army, as well as from liquidation sales and warehouse or inventory clearances. Our broad selection is subject to regular changes and subdivided into the following categories:

  • Photographic, optical and scientific equipment;
  • Measuring, testing and surveying instruments;
  • Office, printing and EDP equipment;
  • Electronics, radar, radio and telecommunications equipment;
  • NBC and firefighting equipment;
  • Crates, transport and storage containers;
  • Tools and workshop equipment;
  • Medical technology and sports equipment;
  • Vehicles and vehicle parts;
  • Engines, generators, pumps, rope or cable winches;
  • Spare parts, accessories and special tools for weapons and weapons systems.

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